Coaching For Better Life

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Which areas you cater to in your Coaching ?
I cater to various topics/ issues concerned with the area of Personal Development and Growth. The topics/ issues could be Goal-Setting, Time Management, Procrastination, Career Transition, Business Planning, Inter- personal relationships, Confidence, Motivation,  Choices in Life and many more.

Which audience you cater to ?
My target audience runs across Individuals and Organisations which includes the following

  • Working Professionals
  • Self-Employed (Business Owners and Entrepreneurs)
  • Middle and Upper Management
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Housewives
  • Any other wanting to move forward

 In what different modes the coaching would be offered ?

  • One-to-One sessions
  • Skype
  • Group sessions

How does the Coaching Session look like ?
The Coaching Sessions are built around the clients’ need and aspirations. Through conversations, dialogue, feedback and other techniques, the Session would explore the clients present situation, the available choices, the available skills and resources, the choices to be made and assist the client to move closer towards their defined goals.

Where do the Coaching Sessions happen ?
Based on mutual convenience and cost attached, the Sessions could be conducted at any of the following places

  • At Client’s site
  • At Coach’s site
  • At a Neutral Venue
  • Online over Skype

How many Coaching Session would a client require ?
This will largely depend on 2 things – the status quo and the commitment level of the client. The establishment of appropriate goals aligned with the client’s aspirations further determine the number of sessions. Generally, about 6 sessions are needed for moving forward.

What is the frequency of the Sessions ?
The frequency is dependent on the time availability with the client. Usually 1 session per week/ per 10 days is suggested. But a lot depends on the issue being discussed or catered to.

What is the duration of each session ?
The duration of each session is about 45 – 60 minutes

What would be the cost ?
The cost depends on the mode – whether skype based or 1-1. On an average the per session cost is about 4000-5000 Indian Rupees. The 3-month and 6-month packages are slightly cheaper.

The cost of Coaching for Organisations work out differently based on the type and depth of intervention required/ needed.

Can a client cancel the session ?
Cancellations is allowed only in case of an emergency, where the client needs to inform about 72 hours in advance.

What if Coaching is not working for the client ?
The free session is offered purely to help the client understand about how Coaching could help them move forward to issues relating to their grown and development before engaging in paid coaching sessions. Additionally, the progress feedback of the client is discussed during every coaching session and if the coaching is not helping the client, the agreement can be cancelled.

How is Coaching different from Counselling or Therapy ?
Coaching differs from Counselling or Therapy in the way that

  • Coaching is all about future while other modes deal with past
  • Coaching is all about performance issues while others are about “psychological or emotional”  issues
  • Coaching is about assistance and support while others are about “advice”
  • Coaching is led by the “client” while others are led by the “expert” (Cousellor, Psychotherapist, etc.)

Would the coaching sessions/  meetings be confidential ?
Every bit of information shared by the client is kept confidential and not shared anywhere with anybody.​