What is COACHING ?

COACHING is a creative process of discovering yourself and achieving your goals. It is a partnership between the coach and the client where they Co-Create CHANGE for the client. Coaching is a support system that helps the clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, prepare them to meet challenges in their life (personal and professional) and create their own SUCCESS path. It is "Future-Focused".

The COACHING process enables the clients to find focus in life and gives them the desired motivation and inspiration to achieve the defined goals (short-term or long-term). During this process the Coach makes use of various methods, tools and strategies to assist the client create their Personal Roadmap for life by examining their current situation, identifying the challenges, setting up appropriate goals and developing an Action Plan to overcome these challenges and achieve the goals.

During the process the entire focus is on facilitating the growth of the client by enabling them to find their own answers. The clients reflect on their existing beliefs, values, strengths and weakness and identify the best possible way to move forward towards accomplishing their goals.

The COACHING process opens the clients to new PERSPECTIVES and CHOICES to take Control of their Life.

Coaching For Better Life